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Falling In Love

It's not often that we look at ourselves in the mirror and say something like "I love You."  We are more likely to be disappointed, critical, harsh. 
I came home from a trip Sunday night. I had left someone in my home to care for my dog and my plants. There was one plant in particular that I was concerned about. It is relatively new and needy. It needs to be watered almost daily or it begins to look a little depressed. I left the caretaker a note asking for it to be watered every other day and a schedule for the other plants as well. I received Needy plant as a gift. It has beautiful green and pink leaves that shimmer. It is a little spindly but stands tall. The one thing my friend said after she gave Needy to me was "don't let it die." I never really had much of a green thumb and most plants unfortunate enought to come into my care did not survive. About fifteen years ao I decided to change that and made it a priority to keep a few plants alive just to prove I was not a killer. They lived long and prospered. When I got home Sunday, I could see lush greenery and no wilting leaves until I glanced at the table where Needy plant had stood. There it was. Bent and shriveled and lacking all signs of life.  The leaves were withered and dry. I felt  a panic set in. What would my friend think of me? What was Needy thinking now?  I have read of experiments where it was shown that plants can understand your words and your mood and they react accordingly. I picked Needy up and gave it my heartfelt loving energy through my words, thoughts and feelings. I gave it water and a pep talk. I spoke to it aqgain before I went to bed. In the morning Needy had come back to life. Yes, I know the water had most to do with it but I also know - through Science that Needy understood my caring and loving energy. Needy dropped a few apparently unnecessary leaves and stood back up with grace and dignity, looking toward the sun, loving life!!
Back to you and that face in the mirror. Loving yourself. Speaking kind and loving words to your body - Right Now. There are a million processes going on in your body and when you are angry and stressed and fearful and disappointed, your body holds onto fat and wrinkles and toxins and you don't look like you are Alive and Loving Life. Just a little sweetness, a little caring and appreciation can go a long way inside - affecting how you feel and how you look.
Think of all your body has done for you, all of the beauty you have experienced in this life because of this body and say the words. Feel the love and appreciation. NOW. Right now you can change what is going on inside and recreate yourself. Try it for thirty days. If you need help finding the words to say and believing them, call me.

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well falling in love is certainly the best feeling a person feels.
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love .. its a unknown feeling :\
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