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Ladies - Be Beautiful Today

Helping you take control of your eating is a major focus of my work because it so deeply affects your life. While you consider how to take back your life and be the creator of your journey I want you to think about being beautiful TODAY!  When we are dissatisfied and just unhappy about how we look, we nearly create a billboard stating so in the way we dress, hairstyle, our facial expressions and words. What would it take to be beautiful TODAY? You can't lose the extra weight in the next 24 hours but you can create a beautiful you that is working toward a more beautiful you. Love yourself! TODAY! First, your smile - let it shine. It attracts everyone and makes you look younger. If you need a little haircolor to brighten up those locks, go for it! My motto has always been - give it a shot, you can always dye it back. A little vibrance when you look in the mirror gives you energy. Time for a new style? Again, it'll grow back if it's not right but there is a good chance that your facial features will be much more attractive with a new do! Get rid of the drab clothes and get yourself something beautiful and feminine. I've been buying dresses lately and I feel great in them. Like a goddess!! :) Treasure the strength in your femininity. Relax in the gift of your femininity. Remember that your words can betray you. Nothing foul flows from my lips. Let your words be like music! Don't laugh - you've been putting on the tough guy routine for too long so that no one hurts you and you've lost your identity.
Stand straighter, look lovelier, hold your head up! You are who you say you are by your words and actions and now you are saying "I AM BEAUTIFUL!"
Your hardworking hands need a break? How about a manicure? You are worth it! And if you really want to love yourself, get the spa pedicure as well and just soak up the attention and comfort. Don't cry about the money - you have at least twenty dollars to love yourself with and that's a great start. It's really all about the pampering and declaring to yourself that YOU ARE VALUABLE. Make your HAPPINESS a priority and everyone else around you will reflect your happiness. And last but surely not least, if you can, get a massage! Groupon and Living Social always have some great special going. You can be some degree of BEAUTIFUL every day starting today. Love yourself.

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