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You ARE Hypnotized

We are all hypnotized to believe things throughout our lives. We believe them as individuals, as societies and as humans. We connect things because that's how brains work and keep things in order. That's how you create your reference library.  When you were a child and you were hurt or sad and your Mom gave you a couple of cookies and some milk, it felt good. It felt comforting. It wasn't so much the cookies and milk. It was your Mom's love and attention. Your brain did not necessarily make that distinction. Your brain said - I feel good. I'm eating cookies. After a few times of your brain making that connection, it becomes a nonthinking reaction. "I'm feeling blue, I'll have some cookies. That'll make me feel better." This is just one example.  Maybe on your birthday your Mom or Dad made you your favorite meal. Again, food is connected with feeling special. After a few times, the brain may make the connection that you are special when you have the food you love. And then you feel good when you treat yourself to one of your favorite meals. Everything is wonderful in moderation but sometimes the sadness or life stress isn't for a moment. Sometimes it's for weeks or months or years and soothing yourself with food, while it may have seemed like a good idea the first time or two, eventually becomes your enemy and helps you dig deeper the hole you have fallen into.  With Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis we disconnect the automatic "go to" reaction for stress, sadness, boredom etc.  You become more in touch with YOU and YOUR BODY. You have time to think before you act - to assess your motivation, your hunger, your goals and to assert  control over your actions.
Brains make some crazy connections and can lead us to behavior patterns that affect our lives negatively for our entire lifetime. We can change that.

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Natalie`s Pizzeria on Thursday, May 15, 2014 4:59 AM
Disconnecting the automatic is a great task. As time runs our brain gradually filled up with many emotions, fears and other negative thoughts. By emptying these negative aspects we can attain freedom from already hypnotized beliefs. Thanks for the beautiful article.
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Kawsar on Sunday, February 22, 2015 12:07 AM
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