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Sometimes You Have To Leave Them Behind

When you read the writing of any great motivators or life coaches they all say the same thing.  You need to surround yourself with positive people - the ones that will be cheering you on and supporting you. You may have to leave some folks in the dust.  Whether or not you reveal that you are trying hypnosis, those around you will notice the difference in your behavior - eating less and less often, choosing healthier foods, exercising, drinking water. Many will comment on it. Some will be pleased and want the best for you and there will always be a few who feel the need to make some negative comment."Oh, so what diet are you trying NOW?" Implying that you have tried everything under the sun. Keep in mind that people have their own issues and when you take a step forward and there is a chance you may leave them behind, they get frightened and defensive. When you actively are making improvements, they have to question their own choices and they may not be ready to do that. Their best answer - drag you back.  You should view it as a caveman cartoon - they are hitting you over the head with a club and dragging you back to the cave. Only this time you're not going. In fact, this time "the club" doesn't faze you. This is about you and your journey. You are going forward and if you have to leave them in the cave then that's what you have to do.  If you can't move these negative people out of your life, limit your contact and be blunt. "I am sorry that you are in a negative place. I choose not to be there so let's keep the conversation positive."  This does actually work. They either change what they say to you or they avoid you. Stop allowing anyone else to drive your car because they may not be going where you intend to go. 

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carloshaya on Sunday, November 04, 2018 1:00 PM
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