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While more and more people are becoming familiar and comfortable with alternative therapies they are not all ready to shout from the mountain tops or even mention to friends or a spouse that they are giving it a try.  As with all mainstream medical professionals the alternative wellness practitioner has an obligation to keep your information private. Other than anonymous references to general issues in order to explain or help clients or potential clients, or to seek additional ideas for therapy from other professionals, nothing from the session is repeated outside of the session and surely NOT ANYTHING to do with your identity.  This should be true of every health and wellness practitioner you engage.  We do ask permission if we would like to reference you or your story for the purpose of education or endorsement. I don't really ask my clients for endorsements or testimonials unless they offer first. Healing in any form is a very personal journey and I prefer not to intrude on that confidence.
We often work with public figures - famous people - especially because being in the public eye in and of itself is a stressful journey leading to all kinds of coping mechanisms.  People refer their practitioners when they feel it is the right thing to do and confidentiality is a big reason why they would feel comfortable doing it. Expect that from your wellness professional no matter what their field.

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Nice blog! Happy to read the post because of it increases my experience on how to make a fit body. Really, it is crucial input. Thanks!
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