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I Guess It's In My DNA

When we're talking about negative and destructive habits, like smoking and overeating, we often view our genetics or DNA as a life sentence or an unchangeable factor.  I have heard many times "my mother was obese and so was my sister so I know it's in my DNA."  Here is a slightly different take on that belief -
Johnny's dad was a well known artist. His mother was a designer and his sister had been painting for years and just sold her work to a gallery.  Johnny has always been good at any type of artistic endeavor. In high school he won many awards and was nationally recognized. It's in his DNA. He has the genetics to be a fabulous artist. When Johnny was twenty years old he realized that art work did not make him happy. He never really liked it but he was so good at it.  Johnny doesn't want to draw or paint but he can't help himself. No matter where he is, unconsciously, he pulls out a pad of paper and starts drawing, then the paints come out if he is really stressed. He wants to stop. He hates it. It is embarrassing especially in intimate situations but it's in his DNA.
No. What happened is that Johnny decided that despite his genetic predisposition to being a fantastic artist, he wanted to be a mechanic and fix things.  Other than a little family pressure to paint, Johnny's decision sent him in a new and happier direction. Why? Because that's what Johnny decided to do.
When you make a decision, sometimes you need a little help to unlock the gate to your new pathway. Your past beliefs and patterns make it more of a struggle than it needs to be and hypnosis can help you with that.

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I don't think you know much about your DNA. You need special equipment to learn more about it.
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