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Unexpected Sabotage

When I wrote about self-sabotage last time I figured that most people at one time or another have asked themselves "what am I doing?" as they seemed to purposely mess up their plans to reach a goal.  What clients find hardest to comprehend - until a the light goes off - is that often the person sabotaging their progress may be their spouse/partner or their best friend.  Change is scary. Improvement is intimidating.  When you have explained to your partner or friend what you want to do, make changes, improve your health or performance, and they are suddenly making suggestions that derail you, you have met your saboteur. It may be that they are afraid, though not consciously, that you will leave them if you start getting attention from others. Maybe they are concerned that you will be calling on them to improve as well and they really don't want to put the work into it.  The heaping plate of food they give to you despite your instructions that you want less, the "let's go out and get some ice cream" invitation when it really is out of the norm, and the "oh, let that go, you can get to it later" plea, are all this forms of sagotage to keep you from your goal. It's hard enough to get everything in place in your own mind but to have to combat your most trusted ally makes it all the more difficult to become your best. People will deny it or look at you as though you are nuts if you suggest they are trying to ruin your plan. I have found it is best to spend extra time reassuring your friend or spouse that you love them and they are fine just the way they are and this is not about them. Enlist their help with a specific action and then ask them if they are able to do that for you. Get a commitment. Eliminating the pot holes along your road to a better life is best done right at the start.

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