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The Song Remembers When............

It's a song by Trisha Yearwood with the line "though I'd forgotten all about it, the song remembers when."  I find that the memory related to a song is one of the easiest ways for people to understand patterns created in the brain without your knowledge or your "okay" on the matter.  Think of this scenario - I know it has happened to you. You are out shopping in a busy store, driving your car or perhaps you are waiting to be seated in a restaurant and a song comes on the speaker. Before you can even recall the memory, you have the emotions in your body. You remember the sadness or the heartbreak or the loss and you have an instant moment of grief, your stomach twists just for a second. Maybe you can't even remember the situation but you have the physical feelings as though whatever it was, was happening RIGHT NOW.  In order to change your reaction to that song, we would have to, over time, create or recall happy, fun memories while you hear the song. Then, when you hear it, the memory and brain pattern has changed and you laugh and feel good when it comes on.
Your eating and smoking patterns are the same. "X" situation arises and you reach for the cookies or the cigarettes. You don't even really think about it. You are doing it while you think of other things. If asked, you most likely wouldn't even be sure why you were doing it and in the worst case didn't even recognize that you were doing it.
Most all of what we know and do is learned. It can be unlearned and relearned in a healthier version.  Hypnosis provides you with a safe method for change.

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