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It's Just a Habit

Being overweight seems to color our lives with a drab shade of gray. It keeps people from really living a happy life and it can take years away from you. How long have you been struggling? It sometimes seems cyclic. You gain weight, live with it for a few years, take off enough to feel good, and then as difficult as it was to take it off, it creeps back on with ease. You then spend another few years uncomfortable, refusing social engagements and eating because you just feel down emotionally. This can go on for decades and you never really figure out how to change the behavior. You think its all about willpower and you feel weak and out of control.
Consider this scenario - every day when you come into your house you toss your keys into a bowl on a table to the LEFT of the door. One day you move the furniture around and now the table is on the RIGHT. For a week you continue to reach to the LEFT to throw your keys, would you think that you were WEAK and OUT OF CONTROL, that you didn't have enough WILL POWER to toss the keys to the right? or would you just think you needed to change the pattern and all would be well - keys would be tossed to the right.
It's the same thing with overeating. You have a pattern of eating for pleasure, boredom, stress etc. It's in your brain pretty well dug in. With hypnosis that brain pattern is changed. When the brain pattern and the relationship with food is changed, your behavior changes.  Through hypnosis you are guided to a relaxed state where the brain is highly suggestible. That's where the pattern changing takes place and that is the beginning of a more positive and healthy lifestyle.  It sounds simple because it is.

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