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"I must be getting old." Have you uttered those words when you just can't remember the thought you had three seconds ago? Or maybe when you walked into a room to get something and you have no idea what you are there for? Or perhaps when you have tried to concentrate on a creative project and you find yourself wandering, in your mind, through Home Depot or visiting the zoo on the weekend or thinking of a loved one's marital problems. It is most likely that your brain is on overload and not your age that is causing your mental distress.

You Are Your Higher Power

I'm not talking about God, Spirit or whatever you might call the Creator. I am talking about your mind. Our brains are fascinating. There are patterns that we have developed that affect us throughout the day. Some are good and some, not so good. Perhaps your brain pattern makes you turn to food or cigarettes when you feel stressed. Maybe you shut down and stop communicating. That's the established pattern in your brain. Nerves and chemicals are activated to assure those already accepted and long practiced responses.

You Have To Want It

I will not pursue you. No change can be made if you do not passionately want it. When you come to see me for a free consultation, I can guarantee that it will be an informative and pleasant experience and you will feel no pressure from me to make healthy and happy life changes. It is totally and completely up to you and in truth, I don't want to work with anyone who isn't "all in." Once you have made a decision to take control of your eating and change your thinking and your life, I am your partner and coach and will do whatever is within my power to help you succeed.

Hypnosis and Your Powerful Brain

I love brain science. Our brains have a capacity to help us heal far beyond what science has thought in the past. Unfortunately your brain can also be your jailer, keeping you locked in a pattern that you may have learned decades ago, a negative pattern like overeating. The old patterns seem to have built a fortress in your brain - high walls, big gates and lots of warriors. It is all in an effort to protect you and make you feel safe. There may have been times when you needed that protection - perhaps when life was chaotic or frightening or sad.

Your Weight Loss Mistress

Yes, sometimes that's how I feel. You're sneaking off to see me. You don't want to tell anyone about me. I help you feel good - in control of your life. You look forward to our time together.
It might sound surprising but this is the relationship I have with a good percentage of my clients. I don't take it personally. Hypnosis is really just coming into being accepted as a legitimate part of life change and healing. The last decade of research really highlights the ability of the brain to change itself, our patterns, and our lives, and hypnosis has shown impressive results in those areas.

Labeled "OBESE"

It is becoming a tool for businesses to rate your cost of health benefits based on your weight and Body Mass Index. Once you are labeled obese by your company, your costs may skyrocket. That designation is not about being so outrageously overweight as you might believe and you may well be in for a shock when what you thought was just a little belly fat turns out to be thirty pounds of obesity. It is a trend that is going to grow as more companies look for ways to cut costs.
In most cases this is all about the numbers and your employer does not really consider you personally.

Taking Care of ME

The hints and nudges can't go on forever. While they are often sprinkled over the years, eventually you run out of road and while you are still thinking "one of these days, SOON, I'll take time for me,"  you are falling off a cliff.  As you lie at the bottom, bruised and battered, you find yourself thankful that there's still a chance to get things in perspective, change some bad habits and live smarter and healthier.
You know what to less and choose healthier foods.

New Year. New Life?

This time last year you vowed to make changes.  You still thought you could do it yourself and you tried - a few times. You did not want to pay a professional for help. SO, you saved a little money and unfortunately you are still in the same boat only another year has been lost and you may have gained a few more pounds.
I can surely relate to all of that. I am a money saver as well when I think I can do it on my own. I have realized though that my time and happiness are no longer things I want to donate to futile efforts.

The Cookie Exchange

Ten dozen cookies from oatmeal to frosted Italian ricotta. In the past this would have been a ticket to sugar oblivion with no stopping until the last cookie crumb was scarfed down.  I have eaten one little crunchy chocolate covered cookie since yesterday when I came home with this haul. I actually participated more for the social interaction than for my desire to have a boatload stash of cookies at my fingertips.
The holidays present some great temptations especially in the sweets category. No longer having the desire to partake has been the greatest gift to me from the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis.

A Year Later

We all know that there is no miracle cure for our bad habits and destructive patterns. It takes work to change. I am so very pleased to hear so many of my clients tell me how 6 months to a year later, their relationship with food remains in a healthy place. Weight loss is gradual and there is no getting around that especially as we age but to be in control of your eating and not falling into a pit of illness, pain and loneliness sure is a great place to be.
I was browsing the offerings on (LOL) and one man said of his picture - "I was older then.

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