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Falling In Love

It's not often that we look at ourselves in the mirror and say something like "I love You."  We are more likely to be disappointed, critical, harsh. 
I came home from a trip Sunday night. I had left someone in my home to care for my dog and my plants. There was one plant in particular that I was concerned about. It is relatively new and needy. It needs to be watered almost daily or it begins to look a little depressed. I left the caretaker a note asking for it to be watered every other day and a schedule for the other plants as well.

Improve Your Golf Game

Playing sports, in general, starts in the brain. It also can end in the brain. When you stay in the mental flow of being able to productively complete the movement or the play you can stay in the zone. But the zone can be elusive if your subconscious mind has picked up a bad pattern, repeatedly made the same mistake or just gotten off track. It is compounded when anxiety about performing poorly adds to the stress of it all.  Hypnosis is not just about visualizing yourself as an excellent player.

I Saw You At The All You Can Eat Buffet

You and your family. All of you are overweight and some of you weigh close to or over 300lbs.  I am saddened to see this gorging being passed on to your children as a family activity. Your preteens are rolly polly just like you. On a path of destruction, just like you only sadder because you know it and you still are teaching them that it is okay. When I see a family of older adults all weighing in wth at least a hundred pounds of excess fat I wonder what you are thinking. I see you being served by petite Asian women who take away plate after plate and you never recognize the irony.

What's The FAT Costing You?

What's the Fat costing you? Here are some of the answers I get from my clients. See if any of them sound familiar-
"I don't like when my husband touches me and feels these rolls of fat."
"My wife usually goes without me because I just hate how tight my clothes feel."
"The guys joke that I look like I'm ten months pregnant. I laugh but I'm a little embarrassed." "I hate the beach."
"I don't socialize much anymore."
"I didn't go to the last reunion because I'm too embarrassed.

I Think You Gave My Life Back To Me

I love to hear that and while I know that I merely helped you get on track, it makes me feel so proud of my work as a hypnotherapist and life transformer. So many hours of our lives just tick away while we feel too uncomfortable to be social, or in a relationship, or in front of people. With the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, you don't just get your weight and over eating under control. You become hopeful and energized. You come back to life. You aren't waiting until you lose 25 lbs. to do the things you want to do.

Grains and Sugar May Be Killing You

And if not killing you, they are surely making you fat and foggy. The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis program is about getting in touch with your body and eating only what you need to function at your best level. Most people just start eating healthier diets as they become more aware of every bite that goes into their mouth. When you are making conscious decisions, you make better choices. I don't recommend a specific diet to my clients but when the research is showing tremendous evidence that certain foods are damaging and why, I pass it on. Grains and sugar are causing multiple problems in our body systems. Not only are they the main cause of that load of fat in your belly area, they are also causing the fog in your brain. My work disconnects you from your over eating and makes you more aware of your choices but even without hypnosis you can start to lessen that fat load and brain fog by consciously reducing the grains and sugars in your diet. Do a little research. Dr. Perlmutter, Wheat Belly, No Grain Diet. They all have evidence of how grains and sugar are stealing your health and well being. I can help you lessen your food intake and even choose better, healthier foods but right now you can skip that bagel, have a bit of cottage cheese and some walnuts and start the ball rolling.

Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Tastes

That's one of the lines from the hypnosis session. It means that there is no food that is delicious enough to trade your health, beauty and self-esteem for. Most foods that call our names relentlessly until we give in are a disappointment when they hit the taste buds. And in truth if we stopped there, tasting to find out wouldn't be half bad. But you've opened the floodgates and you keep eating the tasteless, greasy, carb-filled temptation until the crumbs on your fingers have been licked off.

I Welcome Bariatric Clients

Yes, you read that right. I am getting more and more calls from people who have undergone the knife, had the bariatric surgery, the lap band and the sleeve. What's the problem? Wasn't that the cure all? Well, they've all lost weight but now they are back to the struggle you may be in. The surgery is still being paid for, the side effects are very present and the twinkies are still calling their name. YOUR BRAIN PATTERNS HAVE TO CHANGE!!  They are engrained and it is very difficult to do it on your own.

Bugs in Your Ice Cream

Our brains can create physical sensations before a thought is completed. Have you ever been watching a movie with spiders dropping from above and suddenly feel like those spiders are crawling up your back and arms? You've heard of medical students showing up with symptoms of whatever disease they are studying at the time. Our minds can take us to experiences that we are not physically having and give us the same physical results. It can go as far as someone dying from an illness they never had.

It Seems Like "One More Thing"

I know. I know. I can feel it. When I ask my clients to incorporate meditation into their day, even though they aren't physically doing it I can feel their eyes rolling at "one more thing to do." And initially it is. But the fact, now seen through so much neuroscience research, is that as you meditate daily, you improve brain function. All the floundering you do in a day due to overwhelm, distraction, stress and confusion can be defused with a twelve minute daily meditation practice.

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