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"I found Sharon's program to be first class. I lost weight after each session. I am sleeping so much better.  I would recommend this program to anyone looking not only to lose weight but to bring balance to you life."
Christina, 54
"I was totally out of control and could not say NO to food. After the first session I felt the heaviness from my guilty gorging lifting. I felt a sense of peace and hope . It just happened immediately. It was just a gift from God. I was very skeptical but after the first session I just felt a sense of peace. I just didn't desire the food anymore and the struggle was gone. Really gone. I would recommend the program to all the people who are struggling and feel like they are in a hole and they can't get out. I feel a magnetism that draws me to Sharon and her inner peace and I take that peace with me. That sense of peace brings me through whatever I'm doing. I just don't want all the food and all the crap that I've been doing. I go to work and see all of the food everyone brings in and puts out and I don't even want it. It is a wonderful, freeing feeling not to want it. Food no longer serves me. The other day I put on an outfit I haven't been able to get into in nine years. hahaha the back fat is gone too."
Linda, 64 
"Things are starting to happen for me.. As you know, I had my addiction to chocolate, I had the gastric bypass surgery... and had gained some of my weight back. I tried & tried to get back on track, but was having some major life problems, and just couldn't get back on track.. So, I figured why not try the hypnosis.. You have been very kind & patient with me.. The 1st 2 sessions, didn't seem to do anything for me.. but the the 3rd helped me more.. I actually have been drinking water.. then on my 4th session, things started to click for me.. I have lost a couple of pounds, walking and have de-housed the house of chocolate.. I would recommend this program, to anyone that needed the extra help.. seems I couldn't do it by myself.. I am confindent, that I will do well with this.. You --have been great for me.. very understanding, and there for any questions, that I have had... will see you on tuesday... and thank you just for being YOU... "
Nancy, 65
"Before trying hypnosis, I tried every diet the past 25 years that was popular. I would lose some but was never able to stick with a diet to get to my goal weight and eventually would gain back what I lost, plus some more. Finally my doctor said I had to lose weight because of a prolapsed bladder or undergo surgery. I read Sharon's advertisement and decided to try hypnosis, but frankly was skeptical. I was very satisfied with her answers to my questions about hypnosis and decided to try it.
After the first session, i felt empowered and as if the virtual surgery would really help me. I was more easily able to control my snacking habits and felt little hunger in between meals. As each day passed I felt more and more in control.
I began eating less at each meal and cut out all the snacking. I am hypoglycemic so still needed to portion my food to five small meals a day and began to chose fruit or vegetables for snacks. After completion of the program several months ago, I continue to lose weight and am now down 25 lbs in five months. If I fall off the diet on holidays or special events, I am amazed at how I am able to get back into the routine remembering the mantras learned from the sessions and the audio tape. I now have my bladder condition under control and will not need surgery. Also, after losing 10 more pounds the doctor said he could take me off my high blood pressure medicine. He is extremely pleased with my weight loss.
I would highly recommend this program because it helps one feel in control of their life and their choices-it gives one the confidence to stick with a program long term and change lifestyle habits which is what is needed to lose wieght and keep it off.
I found Sharon to be very professional and she offered wonderful suggestions when I brought my problems to her. I felt I could honestly share my frustrations with her and also be honest about my weakness in regard to food. These are things I found hard to admit even to myself."
Mary, 76 (Brecksville)
"I have had a weight struggle for as long as I remeber. I have tried several ways to lose weight, most were successful losing the weight but not keeping it off. I decided to go through Virtual Gastric Bypass Surgery. It is amazing, it is not a quick fix but a gradual safe way to loss the weight. I am calmer and I truely feel full after just a small meal. If you are considering any kind of drastic surgery please explore this option instead. Sharon is a caring provider who is concerned about the whole person not just the weight loss. "
Louise age 59
"I started it with weight loss in mind but it has become so much more. I have a new relationship with food. It has dropped my stress level about losing weight and put the focus on good health and created positive self-esteem changing my whole perspective on how I live my life. One of the most exciting things is that I am not taking any medication to do this - it is all coming from within. With my new tools my life has changed for the better."
D. 65 (North Royalton)
"The virtual gastric band felt like a real life experience and my stomach felt like it had had some adjustments. The cravings I had been experiencing stopped after the first session. I did still love ice cream but I am able to have a quarter cup instead of the huge bowl full that had become a nightly ritual. I am now conscious of every morsel that goes into my mouth and I decide how much I want not my uncontrollable arm."
L. 66 (Strongsville)
"I was discouraged and didn't like myself. I am much happier now that I have had the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis. I never feel deprived - I'm not missing anything. I feel more relaxed under stressful situations and I don't look to food to calm me down as I always have in the past."
C. 43 (Brunswick)
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