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Stop Smoking Hypnosis
This hypnosis program consists of a phone interview where I get the information to create our plan, then a single stop smoking extended session. The day of this session is the day you stop smoking. You have a follow up session about a week later and another in three weeks. You don't replace smoking with eating or any other unhealthy habits. You have new tools and create your own alternative options. If you are ready, it works. If you are still unsure about quitting, read on -
Why Stop Smoking?
I wasn't sure just what to put on this page.  The statistics? graphic pictures?  So I've decided to tell you a story -
In 1990, Joe was a career soldier in the Gulf with the US Army getting ready for a war. Lynn was a divorced mother of four who was very active in her church.  One of the church projects was to write letters to soldiers so Lynn happily participated.  Joe was somewhat disenchanted with the American people. So many of them were writing to soldiers asking for war souvenirs to be sent to them.  He didn't want to hear about or have anything to do with writing to those back home.  On a particularly miserable day, another officer handed Joe a card he had picked up from a pile available to the soldiers. Joe reluctantly took the card but with a slightly different motive in mind. He gathered up his troops and opened the card. Telling them about the dangers of writing back to these vultures and what they will be in store for, he read Lynn's card which said she would send anything he needed and thanked the soldier for his service.  He told his troops that he was going to write back and ask for a few things - like country music tapes, candy and snacks and then they would see what developed, that she would not send anything and that she would ask for something from him.
When Lynn received the letter she was delighted and surprised that he did not have family sending him the things he wanted. She gathered up her "troops" and they went to the store to get the requested items along with a few more goodies. She sent them off the following day.
When Joe received the items he was quite astonished. He was teased by the other soldiers when his plan didn't quite work out.  He wrote back to Lynn telling her it felt like Christmas and thus began an incredible letter writing romance.  Lynn and Joe gave one another a new lease on life - they had both fallen victim to their circumstances and forgotten how much joy life could hold.
In April of 1991 the war was over and the soldiers were coming home. Joe and Lynn made arrangements to meet in St. Louis on June 22nd. It was like two old souls reclaiming their many lives together. One year later on the anniversary of the meeting they married.
Joe was a smoker. He promised to quit especially because of the kids.  He was diagnosed with the beginnings of emphysema shortly after the marriage and urged to quit smoking. He promised to quit.  A few years went by, Joe retired from the Army and they moved to Lynn's home town. Joe got a great job and promised to quit smoking because it was really frowned upon by his employer. Occasionally Joe had a little trouble breathing and was given a pocket inhaler to help him out once in a while. He didn't mind, he knew he was quitting smoking soon.  A few years later, Joe began having headaches and not long after sudden dizzy spells. His doctor suggested he quit smoking and Joe promised he would do that soon. The emphysema was becoming more evident on the xrays and Lynn told Joe that he surely would hate carrying around an oxygen tank and Joe promised to quit.  In 2007 Joe had to have heart bypass surgery. His diminished lung capacity kept him in the hospital longer than anticipated and he contracted a terrible infection that kept him on strong IV medications for months. He was able to be at home but it took nearly 15 months for him to recover. He never returned to work. Shortly after, just a month after feeling better from the surgery and infection, he developed COPD.
The doctors told him he had to quit smoking. He promised he would; he knew he had to. Soon Joe and Lynn were blessed with a beautiful new grandson. That baby was not going to be around smoke and Joe promised to quit. Joe was limited in his ability to walk very far. He still appeared tough and strong but he needed to stop and breathe every thirty feet or so. He wanted a bike for Christmas in 2009 to help him get some exercise. The first time he rode around the block, summer 2010, he found himself out of breath half way home. He panicked because he felt stranded. His breathing became even more labored.  In his head he heard himself saying "you have to quit smoking."  He promised he would.
In October of 2010 Joe felt a pain in his rib. He thought he had bruised himself checking a few things in the car engine. Two months later it hadn't gone away. In January of 2011 Joe's pain had gotten more severe. The doctors told him he had a partially collapsed lung. Joe was in incredible pain. Smoking was difficult and Joe knew he had to quit.  The pain didn't subside and Joe went for further tests. In March the doctors said "you have lung cancer." Joe was stunned. Lynn was devastated. They cried and made arrangements to start the chemo and radiation. The radiation managed to shrink the tumor and the chemo managed to shrink Joe. He lost weight, and at times sort of lost his mind. Every day, chemo and radiation for months on end. This was their life. Joe was almost too weak to smoke. He knew he had to quit. Statistically he had no chance without quitting. So he did. For two weeks. It wasn't long before Lynn could smell the smoke after she went to bed. Joe was sneaking the cigarettes. The cancer was back but in more places. It seemed overnight that Joe had a baseball size tumor in his armpit. The tumor on his tailbone prevented him from being able to sit without severe pain. The tumor in his thigh created throbbing and weakness in his leg when he stood. The tumors on his back grew more every day. The doctors told him there was nothing they could do to cure this but they could give him radiation for the tailbone and the thigh so he could sit or stand with less pain. Unfortunately that radiation also hit the most tender parts of his body burning them until the flesh just peeled off.  The cancer continued its plunder and Joe's brain seemed to be more affected each day. It was Christmas 2011. Joe summoned up every ounce of strength he had and managed to be there for his kids and grandkids. The next few days just slipped away but Joe kept on fighting.  Lynn had to care for him in ways that would have so saddened him if he had still been aware of what was going on. Lynn loved Joe so deeply and he loved her. with deep sadness Lynn told Joe she would be okay and he could go. Hospice had already been there for a week. Ninety minutes after Lynn gave Joe his desired release, she sat there stroking his arm and counting his breaths - 43 per minute, he needed more morphine, 29 breaths, 8 breaths, the Marlboro man is at peace.
Of course this could be YOU.
There are many options for smoking cessation. Hypnosis is a good one.  Life only gives you so many warnings and then it figures you just don't care about what it could have in store for you. Get off the runaway train and take some control of your health and wellbeing.  Find a reason to quit smoking and when you do, contact me for more information on Stop Smoking hypnosis. 440-667-2457 or email
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