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Sports Performance Enhancement
 While being in good physical condition seriously affects your ability to play any sport, the condition of your mind and your beliefs can make or break even the most physically fit athlete.  If you haven't been "in the zone" yourself you have seen the effects of it when a player just can't miss.  Every movement is right on target as though they are one with the ball, the bat, the club, the puck or the racquet. Where does that come from and what takes it away?  It all starts in the mind of the player. When he is free of all blockages or negative behaviors and is completely into the patterns of perfect play, every motion contributes to a flawless performance.  When he picks of even a slight negative thought or motion, his play can be immediately affected. If he can't override it and get back in the zone, it creates a performance problem.
Hypnosis produces a relaxed state where the proper repatterning can take place removing negative behaviors and anxiety riddled thinking.  It's not just about imagining better play. It's about your mind and body believing it and recreating it.
Enhancing your sports performance will bring you more pleasure and more confidence. Call for information on hypnosis to improve your game.
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