Sharon Stephens Hypnosis - Applied Science for Positive Change
FaSR - Focus and Stress Reduction
It seems there is no getting away from it. Our lives are in constant motion - being stimulated and distracted on a nearly constant basis. How do we relax? How can we focus on the task at hand? The latest scientific research is showing that despite the chaos, we have the capabilities to take back control of our reactions and our thinking.
Our brains are incredible entities and are much more able to change and repair than was thought for so many centuries. Employing discoveries from the latest neuroscience research combined with hypnosis and meditative brain exercise has allowed a program that develops Focus and allows Stress Reduction at a life altering level. Whether you are a student, a parent, an employee or a CEO, focus is critical to your health and well-being and the ability to reduce stress as needed allows for optimum performance and enjoyment of life.
FaSR is an 8 week/ 4 session program that has proven to facilitate dramatic change in focus and the processing of stress. The program cost is $550.
If you are tired of being distracted, forgetful and overwhelmed, the FaSR program is your answer.
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