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The Virtual Gastric Band

Gastric banding is the placement of a band around the upper part of the stomach to reduce the amount of food a person can eat at one time. This is what a lot of people today are resorting to in order to lose weight.
But Sharon Stephens insists that you don’t need a foreign object in your body strangling your stomach to reduce your desire for food. Using Virtual Gastric Band surgery, Sharon says, she can trick your body out of demanding more food without actually going under the knife.

“With the person under hypnosis, I make the suggestion that they have undergone the surgery, and they live their lives just like they would have following the procedure,” she explains. “The key is eating smaller portions of the food you like. It’s weight loss without dieting and hypnosis takes the struggle out of it.”
Valerie Gromofsky, of Cleveland, said she went through Sharon’s program without mentioning it to her husband.
“He kept asking me what was going on and saying how I was turning back into the girl he married,” she says.
The treatment involves four weekly one-hour sessions. During the first session, the client, under hypnosis, experiences the sounds associated with surgery. That conditions the mind to act as if a gastric band had been put in.
Under hypnosis, assures Sharon, who has been an alternative health care practitioner for years, a person can never be forced to do something against his or her will.

The Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis, developed in a clinic in Spain and popular in Europe, is relatively new to the U. S. Sharon was trained in this process by UK hypnotist Sheila Granger, who has a 95% success rate. “After the first session I was eating 50% less,” says Scott Bollinger, of Parma. “Now I look forward to enjoying my meals.”
Following her treatment, “Food is just not that important to me anymore,” adds Yvonne Negrelli, of Macedonia.
The Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis tricks the brain into thinking you’ve had the surgery.
To find out whether virtual gastric band surgery can help you, you can call Sharon, at 440-667-2457.

by DaveMiethke

 Lose Weight Without Diet or Costly Surgery?  We’ve all heard the term “obesity related illness.” It’s become the hot topic in healthcare and while the seriousness of the probabilities can’t be denied, the pain of living with obesity hits home long before the illnesses make themselves known.  If you have suffered from weight issues, you know the pain – it’s both physical and emotional. That extra weight is like a cruel brush, painting your life with anxiety, loneliness, fear, low self-esteem, not to mention the physical discomfort – tight clothing, painful joints, sore feet, furniture that’s a little too cozy. The curse of being overweight may leave you staring at your closet full of clothes having nothing to wear and home alone once again.  Buying the next size up just feels like admitting defeat, giving up – failing.If you’ve struggled with weight then you’ve struggled with diets – up and down, up and down. Diets don’t work when they have not changed your thinking and your relationship to food.  Your brain has more to do with your weight than you may know and your past programming – eating for comfort, finishing all the food on your plate, bread with your meals, all contribute to that war inside of you.While desperation may have you considering a risky surgery, there is a much safer option – Virtual Gastric Band Surgery. Through hypnosis, your brain is tricked into believing you have had Gastric Band surgery. No knife, no complications, no struggle, no diet. You live your life with a stomach virtually the size of a golf ball, safely and predictably becoming the size and shape you desire. Successful in Europe for years, this 4 session, 4 week program offered by wellness specialist Sharon Stephens, empowers you to take back your life.  “Most clients are eating 50% less after the first session and are surprised by the ending of the struggle” says Sharon. To see if Virtual Gastric Band Surgery is your answer to the weight struggle, contact Sharon Stephens at  440-667-2457 for a free phone consultation.
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